Life & Limb - Carry On

Carry On

Life & Limb

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Life & Limb - Carry On

Enclaves is proud to release the ‘Carry On’ EP; once again highlighting the duo’s pop nous and their music’s deceptive emotional depth. Accompanied by yet another stunning video, an exclusive b-side and a clutch of remixes from Sun Glitters, Aquadrop and labelmates Echopark, the ‘Carry On’ EP is both a full-stop and a jumping-in point to the band’s recent catalogue.


Download Single (NCLVS014)
  1. Carry On
  2. Carry On (Echopark Remix)
  3. Carry On (Aquadrop Remix)
  4. Carry On (Sun Glitters Remix)
  5. Inna Daze